Clinic Policies

I am a family physician - I see patients of all ages for both acute and chronic medical problems, as well as health maintenance via physicals, including sports physicals.  

By choice, my practice is outpatient only - I cannot admit patients to a hospital.    

Patients who present with severe illnesses or injuries will be immediately referred to a hospital ER.  

Walk-in patients are welcome at Simply Family Medicine, but patients with scheduled appointments will always be given priority.  

Walk-in patients will be given the next available appointment.  

I do not treat chronic pain, and I only prescribe small amounts of pain medications for acute pain.    

I do not do disability evaluations.  

I do not practice obstetrics, and due to no chaperone being available, I do not do breast or pelvic exams.  

I do not do prior authorizations.  

No refills and no new prescriptions are done by phone - prescriptions are given only during appointments.  

The cost of a visit to Simply Family Medicine, unlike almost all other clinics, is completely based on the number and complexity of the patient's medical problems addressed during that visit.  

Basically:  Single simple problem = lower fee; multiple complex problems = higher fee.  

Fees are also higher for patients whose problems necessitate getting labs, ordering studies, or doing referrals.  

See Fee Schedule for details.